Early College

The Knox County Board of Education is pleased to partner with two local colleges/universities to offer Knox County students the opportunity to jump start their higher education while still in high school.

Knox County students may enroll in college classes at Union College and Eastern Kentucky University tuition free thanks to the partnership agreement between the Knox County Board and each institution.  Books and other class fees are included in the agreement, meaning that students admitted into the Early College program have no expenses associated with their participation.

Juniors and seniors may select up to two classes per semester while sophomores are limited to one class in the spring semester.  Classes must fall within each high school’s designated time for on-site classes or may be online classes which the student can access during designated times at school or later in the day.  Students, if providing their own transportation method, may also choose to enroll in afternoon or evening classes at either Union College or EKU’s Corbin campus.  Regardless, credit earned through the Early College program qualifies as dual credit and will be applied to the high school transcript.

Union Collegiate Institute
Enrollment for 2017-2018
Applications will be accepted through  May 12, 2017 .  The complete application packet must be submitted to the guidance counselor at your school.  Please do not send the application directly to Union College.

2017-2018 Application Package – Early College

Download the PDF file .