Improvement Work Teams

Each of the district’s six (6) improvement priorities are being led by a work team of KCPS teachers, support staff, leaders, and administrators.

For more information about any of our work teams, contact the director team lead for that improvement priority.

Curriculum Instruction Evaluation Assessment Governance
Principals Marcie Walker
Steve Partin
Julie Osborne
Jeff Frost
Nicki Hammons
Keith Broughton
Brian Frederick
Jeremy Ledford
Jeremy King
Anthony Pennington
Linda Fortney
Josh Trosper
Scott Prewitt
Eric Hubbard
Teachers Karen Hinkle-Hill
Catrina McDermott
Jessica Elam
Brett Bingham
Lisa Barger
Tabitha Frederick
Lisa Yeager
Beth Mills
Brad Lawson
Tracy Saunders
Misty Head
Becky Mills
(Cher Smith)
John Zach Burchette
Megan Senters
Devin Mills
Parent Allen Mitchell Robin Parrott Jennifer Warren Patti Carey Rita Wood
Classified Nicole Carnes Natasha Smith Kay Smith Robin Wright Brenda Frazier
Director Team Lead Amy Bays Charlotte McCoy Stacy Imel Gina Sears Frank Shelton