Public Comment at Meetings

General guidelines for public comment

Your participation at Knox County Board of Education regularly scheduled monthly meetings is welcomed.

Individuals may address the board for an amount of time as determined by the chairman. A speaker should state his or her name and the subject to be addressed.

Note: No one is allowed to disparage or criticize another individual. Grievances are processed through the school district’s complaint procedure, which affords the subject the opportunity for response and due process.


The public has an opportunity to comment at each regular action meeting. A signup sheet is available near the entrance to the Board Room for speakers who want to address the board.  Public input is not a set agenda item for special-called meetings.

Once the discussion or action portion of the meeting starts, only the board members, the superintendent and his staff may speak as they conduct business. On occasion, the board might want to hear from the public or an advisory committee about a specific item. If so, the board may open up its discussion to include public comment.