About KCPS


Located in rural southeastern Kentucky, the Knox County Public Schools (KCPS) have an average annual enrollment of 4,600 students in grades preschool to 12th grade.

The geographic area of Knox allows for an unique configuration of schools in our system. In eastern Knox
County, the district has six elementary (Pre/K – 6th) schools that feed into one middle school (7th-8th) and one high school (9th-12th). In western Knox County, the district has one Pre/K-12th grade school that is spread across two buildings (K-5th and 6th-12th). Our buses travel 4,000 miles per day transporting the district’s students.

The faculty, staff, leadership, and Board of the Knox County Public Schools ensures students will be challenged to excel through rigorous and individualized instruction, inspiring them to become productive and contributing members of our community, thus creating positive change.

Our mission statement is a call to action for every stakeholder in our county. We are working to develop the belief that students can and will learn at high levels by communicating that everyone has a role in the success of each and every student. The term “leader” will look different for each student, as some may become political leaders, some business leaders, and some may become “leaders” within their family.

We view our job as preparing students for success beyond school, regardless of which path they might chose.